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About akimun Rahman

akimun Rahman was born at Narayanganj in Bangladesh.She grew up in the light and shadow of nature of Bangladesh as her father had to shift from one place to another due to his job, it made possible for her to come closer to both nature and ordinary life. Hot and humid days full of sunshine lay upon that grassy world. She stood like an enchanted soul in front of that world with steadfast gaze. Her entranced ness for this world has remained ever lasting. On the other hand she was attracted with the unrefined state of life that is found in the lower depths of the society. Besides she finds a number of siblings-warm, talented, loving, restless like wind, dreamers and adventurous like Ekarus- make her surroundings lovely as tropical winter days. All these things made her prepared to enter into the world of story telling and she began to write fictions in the later half of 1990s.

She is also a researcher. She has published several books on Bangla novels, on the development of Bangali Muslim women. After doing her PhD at the University of Dhaka, she is now teaching at the Independent University, Bangladesh-one of the leading private universities of the country. She is the author of Purusher Pritheebite Eak Meye (A Girl in the World of Men) a novel, Eai Sob Nibhrito Kuhok (All This Solitary Charms) a collection of short stories, Rakta Punje Genthe Jawoa Machhi (A Fly Stuck in Blood and Pus) a novel, Sonar Khadkuto (Gold Straw) a collection of juvenile short stories, and Jeebaner Roudre Urechhilo Kayekti Dhulikana (A Few Specks of Dust Flew In Sunrays of Life), Pashe Shudhu Chaya Chilo (Only Shadow Beside Sequel to In Daylight flew a few Specks of Dust), Yakhan Ghasera Aamar Cheye Bado(The Place Where I Stand) the last novel of hers till now.

She completed a research (from December 2003 to March 2004) in Germany on A Comparative study between Grimm's Fairy tales and Bangali Fairy tales sponsored by The International Youth Library, Munich, Germany. Recently,she has been affiliated as D-Lit Fellow with the School of Women's Studies at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India from October 2006 to October 2007.

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