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Pashe Shudhu Chhaya Chhilo.
(Only Shadow Beside)

Pashe Shudhu Chhaya Chhilo(Only Shadow Beside) is the second part of a trilogy, the first part being Jeebaner Roudre Udechhilo Kayekti Dhulikana (A Few Specks Of Dust Flew in Sunrays of Life). After the passing away of their father, Ruhee, Rubi, Baby, Babli, Khuku and Iti slowly realize that the property, which was being grabbed by their cousins ---- Shafik, Rafik and Rajjak-- was nothing but the other name of their existence. The sisters along with their mother get ready to face the false civil and criminal suits filed against them. And gradually they enter into a different world- that of the lawyers, legal suits and court. Over there, exploitation, harassment and humiliation make inevitability for the innocent especially for the helpless females. Being harassed in many different ways by the lawyers, Ruhee, the protagonist of this novel, gets one day that Rubi, her sister, is slowly lagging behind her. Ruhee proceeds as a loner in the world of law, court and judiciary- the most filthy and polluted area of society. One can meet her again in the last part of the trilogy.