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Rakta Punje Genthe Yawya Machhi.
(A Fly Stuck in Blood and Pus)

Rakta Punje Genthe Yawya Machhi (A Fly Stuck in Blood and Pus) is the tale of Parveen Akter, a Bangali girl, who is forced to live a crippled life caused by distresses in family life and social and economic systems. Here in Bangladesh most of the females from lower middle class live a life in labyrinth. Males also belong to this labyrinth, but as they belong to a class of dominators in the social system, they remain more privileged and entitled to do many things. On the other hand, a female of this society has to live the life of a beast of burden. Parveen Akter was born in a family where belief in the existence of genies and fairies is strong. It is believed and practiced here that females have no need to get modern education, excepting a little of religious teaching. Shah Alam, the younger brother of Parveen Akter, is a mentally retarded boy. The family believes that the boy gets possessed by supernatural power and it's thus that he does so many abnormal things. Disease is not treated here with modern medicine, but quackery. Their father is a small trader. Though the family runs through hardship, he does not care for it. He spends his days, in his own fashion, with drinking local, cheap drinks and gambling and keeping a mistress in a local brothel. The father, on his way back home at midnight after drinking at stalls till then, awaken people from sleep and lets them know that he hates his wife. Though he goes back home at midnight, he feels really like belonging still to his mistress at the local brothel. He spends a major part of his earning to provide for her living. The rest of the earning cannot cover the expenditure of the family at home. So the family continues in an incessant and silent hunger and poverty all the time. Parveen Akter starts her journey towards life with that hunger, social disgrace, and with financial crisis and with the negligence of the neighbours towards her retarded brother. Incidentally, she is able to secure a job of a junior teacher in a primary school after passing the Higher Secondary level. But life does not change with all these miracles. Life remains one of the filthy labyrinths. The neighbours continue in their dirty gossip as no man comes to marry Parveen. From her adolescent period, she has been abused by man and woman. At first it is Rahelabubu, a woman who lives with Parveen's family, makes her a sexual partner. Then, Jumma uncle, a distant uncle of Parveen Akter, appears on the stage and develops one kind of abnormal physical relationship with her and continues in it for a long time. Lastly there comes the man, the lover of Parveen Akter, who talks about marrying her, but leaves after abusing her. Thus the girl, Parveen Akter, gradually and slowly gets stuck to the darkness and filth of life. But, in spite of that, she does not go to commit suicide. Because she finds that without Paeveen no support is there for her disabled grandmother and Shah Alam, the helpless creature. Akimun Rahman, in this novel, vividly presents the condition of a society where a girl does not suffer only from financial hardships, but gets bruised also by ignorance, religious superstitions, and exploitation by male beings. Paeveen Akter symbolizes the life of women of lower middle class Bangladeshi society--a life of human animals. The writer relates the story of that life faithfully and artistically.